About Us

Konduit was officially launched in 2021, informally the components have been utilised in websites for over a decade.

Whilst the official packaged software might be in its infancy, the team behind it have decades of experience in web development, marketing, and design.

A collaboration between Smokeylemon and Silverstripers, Konduit is a standalone software solution designed for destination management organisations.


Smokeylemon is a New Plymouth based creative, full-service agency. Their job is to help their clients be successful by developing influential brands, designing cross-device experiences, and delivering innovative marketing.

They started as a small web design company in 2001, and over time have evolved into a full-service marketing agency. They are a continually growing team of talented professionals with different backgrounds and areas of expertise: strategists, graphic designers, developers, digital marketing specialists and project managers.


It’s this fine mix of personalities and skills that have helped form many long-term relationships and many successful projects for their clients.

Their core values are absorbed into every single task they undertake - large or small. These values say a lot about how we work as a team and with our clients.

Practical application of code, common sense and a pragmatic approach to their work processes means they are agile, effective, and still have the creative space to deliver amazing results. 


Silverstripers, as the name might suggest are specialist Silverstripe developers and proud early adopters of the Silverstripe framework. Their services include creating websites and applications as well as booking and reservation systems, e-commerce websites and Content Management Systems.

Silverstripers have been operating for over 11 years, and whilst officially based in Sri Lanka, the team are located worldwide, each bringing their own unique culture and life experience with them to their roles.


Konduit is the brainchild of Managing Director, Nivanka Fonseka, who has over a decade of working with destination marketing industry professionals through numerous website projects.

The collaboration with Smokeylemon enabled the Konduit product to become a standalone commercial software offering, and the completion of a long held desire to offer this type of solution to the destination marketing and regional tourism sector.



Whilst the Konduit team is primarily based in Taranaki, New Zealand, Konduit is a cloud-based platform accessible and available anywhere in the world.

This experience and knowledge means we are able to develop the Konduit application with the flexibility to suit a huge range of businesses from a small district council website in the South Island of New Zealand to anywhere in the world, who can plug-and-go for a fully customised solution to meet their specific economic and development marketing plan requirements.